Book Review: The Atlantis Gene

The Atlantis Gene (The Origin Mystery, #1)The Atlantis Gene by A.G. Riddle
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I picked this book up for a few reasons – it was self-published with impressive success, it has ‘Atlantis’ and ‘gene’ in the name and I love any book having to do with islands, especially ancient sunken islands, and also anything regarding evolutionary science-fiction. Also, a lot of the premise reminded me of my own book, SIRENS, about an undiscovered subspecies of human.

The book was action packed from the beginning. It switches between multiple characters in order to tell the story from all angles. The story itself is quite complex and epic.  A.G. does a great job of slowly revealing the meat of the plot and the character motivations. The main characters are a young scientist studying autism and a bad-ass guy working for a secret global intel agency called Clocktower. They embark on a mission to stop an impending terrorist attack by an organization called Immari which has ancient roots and knowledge of this human subspecies. They story is super original, and he links events in the story to real-life events like the Spanish Flu, 9-11, etc. Its so cool.

Overall, its high action and you never get bored. He leaves cliff hangers at the end of each short chapter, so you can’t put it down. At times I felt like I was reading a James Bond movie. I’m sure a movie version of this book will be out soon.

Congrats to A.G. Riddle, the author. Its his first novel and he’s already planning the world tour.

Only a little jealous!

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