Mommy needs a (tropical, submarine) vacation

I’ve been thinking a lot about my book title. The working title is SIRENS, which I do love, but it gets mixed reviews from people. Some think its too evocative of mermaids, and my story isn’t exactly a mermaid story, per say. Also, wouldn’t it turn off guys? SIRENS definitely has more of a chic lit ring. Anyway, I’ve been brainstorming. I need a name that sounds mysterious, evokes scientific discovery, is not cheesy, is kind of marine-ish. So I began thinking like the Romans, as in G & R mythology. After all, they are the original story tellers, and great namers at that. It didn’t take long to uncover the gods associated with water…

Triton? But he’s the Little Mermaid’s Father. Nixed.

Aphrodite? She rose from the water, but she’s too demure. Nixed.

Neptune? A Roman god of the sea. Okay, I like this, but there is a tween book out there called The Neptune Project that rings eerily similar to my own. Nixed.

Poseidon? Yes, I definitely like this. He’s the Greek counterpart to Neptune. And how is this for a nice ring…

The Poseidon Prototype

By T.L Aranguren

Don’t worry if you hate it.  One of these days I’m going to make a poll so I can get your input, but for now this is up there with SIRENS. And I’m also using it within the text of the book regardless. Gencore Incorporated, the evil corporation in my book, is trying to create this aquatic human through gene therapy. I think the perfect name for them to call their first ‘iteration’ of this newly concocted species is the Poseidon Prototype. Full disclosure, originally I called this being the Manphibian. My freelance editor (thank you Max!) told me to eliminate it  as it elicits an LOL which is probably not what I’m going for. So, out with the Manphibian and in with the Poseidon Prototype.

Once I determined this was a viable title, I began a search to make sure it wasn’t taken. And this brings me to my need for a vacation. A quick search of the word ‘Poseidon’ brought me to this resort.  I mean, at first I thought it was a joke, like some mocked up images of this imagined underwater hotel. But no, THIS PLACE EXISTS!! In Fiji. And I must go. Check out this description:

Poseidon Mystery Island comprises approximately 225 acres and is about a mile long. Surrounded by a 5,000-acre (7.8-square-mile) lagoon, it boasts pristine waters that range to 90 feet (27.4 meters) in depth, replete with abundant sea life. Just outside the lagoon the reef plunges into an abyss, providing virgin territory to explore with our deep submersibles.

I have not slept in months. We’ve had rats, a five month old who never sleeps, a two year old who has demands even at 2am, bouts of Noro virus (did I mention rats?).  And I need a vacation!

I want to wake up to breakfast in this bed:

Poseidon Mystery Island offers two means of guest accommodations, one above ground and one below the surface. Guests will have the opportunity to explore each comfortable, intimate world during the course of their stay, with full access to facilities in both areas. Each suite and villa includes:

* A king-sized bed laden with Scandinavian down duvets, plush pillows and high thread-count linens.

* A sitting room featuring a library and personal office with voice/data access, Wi-fi and high-speed Internet connections, and multi-line telephones.

* Entertainment technology, including a large, high-definition flat screen television; CD/DVD player; and satellite radio with surround sound.

* In-room refrigerators, which will be continuously stocked with gourmet snacks, champagnes, wines and soft drinks.

* Rich marble bathrooms with a large Jacuzzi tub, bidet, two sinks, a shower and a wealth of plush towels. Bathrobes, natural loofah sponges, hair dryers and a selection of marine-influenced beauty products are also provided.

And I want to eat lobster and drink champagne here:

Is that too much to ask? The price per person is only $15,000.

But its for book research.

And I need a vacation, darn it!



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3 responses to “Mommy needs a (tropical, submarine) vacation

  1. That’s not a vacation, that’s research! Totally tax-deductible business expense.

  2. cswittmack

    This mama needs to go with you!

  3. I’m with bbarbot! Also… can this be where book club goes for our 3 year anniversary? 😉

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