Winters Love

I wasn’t able to post last week, despite my great idea to write a passage comparing CVS to Gencore, the big pharma company in my book. But where does the time go?

John and I took the kids on a road trip to Charlotte, a “family adventure” as Will calls it, to visit our adorable new family member, “Baby Stella”.  My brother, Nick, and his wife, Linsey, are on cloud 9 with her, and its not hard considering she’s the perfect baby so far. At less than a month old, she sleeps four hour stretches and drinks from a bottle when needed (Hear that Ava!?!!).  We also got the perks of staying with them in their brand new 4K sqft house which I’ve now dubbed the Ritz Carlton. I took an aromatic bubble bath in their giant air-jet tub in a marble clad bathroom, dried off on plush white towels, and slept on pillows that literally smelled like roses. For dinner, my brother grilled steaks on his indoor grill/oven, and served top shelf wine (he was appalled at the Woodbridge I brought over). I think they were ready to get rid of us after Will pressed a hole into one of their nice speakers and the let the dogs out resulting in a visit from Animal Control. But boy did we have fun there.

John took off for San Francisco on Sunday for work, and the kids and I moved out of the Ritz and into my parents’ apartment, the Motel Six (which in reality is a beautiful, elegant two bedroom apartment in one of Charlotte’s prettiest neighborhoods). My Mom washed my sheets and stocked the fridge with our favorite foods, so I upgraded it to the Holiday Inn. Plus, free babysitting is included.

Anyway, we are here with my parents enjoying the most beautiful snow I’ve seen in years. We are in the neighborhood I grew up in, so I took a snowy walk down memory lane, seeing myself sledding and tossing snowballs in these very same yards. I still feel like a kid in the snow. Today we initiated Will by making a badass snowman, carrot nose and all. Despite being hunkered down in a two bedroom apartment with a 2 year old and six month old with no winter gear (who have both been very well behaved considering!), we only have to look out at the falling snow to find serenity. And we are stocked with food, drinks – cookies, wine, hot chocolate – and have working heat. My friend’s power is out! (sending warm vibes your way, Tracy!). All in all, its pretty cozy here. The only thing we’re missing is Daddy.

Surrounded by all this winter beauty, I was reminded of one of my favorite songs by Animal Collective called Winters Love. Its like a good wine, the more sips you take of it, the more it gets under your skin and warms you from the inside. This unofficial video is a cool interpretation of the song. Enjoy and stay warm!


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