My job allows purple hair

I’ve noticed over the past few years a big spike in people  sporting bright colored hair – canary yellow, red, turquoise, pink, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I know that this is not a new technique at the hair salon, but it’s the types of people that are now doing it. Crazy colored hair used to be associated with punk types and experimental teenagers, and unless you were a hairdresser, it may have been done with Kool-Aid. But now it has seeped more into the mainstream and isn’t necessarily accompanied by a nose ring and tattoos.  I think Katy Perry may have helped pave the way.  Pink had pink hair, but she fit into the stereotype I mention above (ie., tats and piercings). Katy’s glam and elegant, in an over-the-top way, and has worn so many different colors that really pop against her black locks. Lots of celebs do it now in so many cool ways. It’s become more of an art, especially when done in ombre style. Check out these pics:

blue katy carrie Rachel-Mc

People tend to associate vivid, fake-colored hair with futuristic. For example, Hunger Games. I thought it was pretty cool how people in the Capitol had a rainbow of colors, such as Caesar Flickerman who had powder blue skin and hair.


Okay, maybe he’s not the best model, but you know what I mean…

In my fantasy dystopia portrayed in SIRENS there are pills you can take that will change the traits that your genes present — hair color, skin color, eye color, etc. They’re called Phenotype Altering Pills (PAPs) and are distributed by the pharma company, a major character in itself in the book, called Gencore.

But anyway, to bring this full circle, all of this has got me itching to get it done myself. Would a pink streak framing my face really be acceptable at my old corporate job? I don’t think we are there yet, though I think we will be. But a stay-at-home Mom job has no restrictions on hair color. So now is my time. I just have to pick a color. I admit, this may be an attempt to hang on to what’s left of my youth, but whatever. The purple and pink extensions that I got at CVS and wore this past New Year’s Eve just aren’t cutting it. Plus, I think they’d melt once the hot weather came. I’m going for the real thing. My friend Kim has already done purple streaks and they’re awesome.  How about one of these?

tanya hair

I’m just hoping it goes better than a few years ago when I chopped it off and went platinum. As Gob says, with that one, I made a huge mistake.

Here’s a dreamy and uplifting song for the weekend by M83. It always gives me that nice euphoric feeling you’re looking for on a Friday – enjoy!



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3 responses to “My job allows purple hair

  1. Kim Harris

    i’m famous! 😉 love this and all your blogs! if you go to get your hair purple-ized i’ll go with you to get mine re-done. or i’ll watch the kids if need be:) xo

  2. Erin Barbot

    Love the purple locks! Here’s the link to Nicole Richie’s, and Kelly Osbourne’s in the article too. Next up…your whole head!

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