SIRENS Book Cover Vote

Help!  I have been working with an awesome graphic designer named Paul Copello to create a book cover for SIRENS (Book 1). He’s come up with two cover ideas after talking extensively with me  to understand the themes and concepts in the story. I need to choose one so he can begin perfecting it  and then working on Book 2. These are VERY rough drafts as you can see from the Shutterstock watermarks. They are basically just mock-ups Paul did to see if I liked them. I like parts of both and just can’t decide. I would love your input via the voting buttons below. Which one is your favorite? Try to ignore the gritty details, like the text font which is easily changed. Just think about the general concepts.

Sample A:



Sample B: (with the obvious ‘s’ missing from SIRENS)

cc (2)

Thank you so much for voting! And if you have any qualitative comments about the covers, I would love to hear from you. Have a great week.




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2 responses to “SIRENS Book Cover Vote

  1. kimberlypanzer

    Voted! Which one do you like?

    • I like the DNA coming out of the water but I feel the top half is way too busy and I don’t like the title banner. I like the whimsical feel of the other one (mangroves below skyline) and love the “S” made of DNA but it may not be as powerful overall as the other one. Hard choice! Thanks for your input. =)

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