A taste of SIRENS, coming soon

I wanted to provide a quick update on the status of my novel. After four years–which is much shorter in accumulation of actual nap times–I am finally preparing to self-publish SIRENS. But first… I plan to try out a new service called KindleScout. It’s a platform for authors to showcase their never-before-published books, and the reading public helps decide if a book gets published by voting. All that’s displayed will be the book cover, book blurb and a very short excerpt, so it’s kinda like browsing in a book store (remember those?) to decide if you want to buy a book or not. Anyway, selected books win a publishing contract with Amazon, which is pretty awesome for an indie author. Once I upload, I’ll have 30 days to accumulate enough votes to win a contract. Which is hopefully where you come in! I’ll be sharing the link once it’s live, and I would love for you to vote for me. It’s super easy and simply entails clicking a “nominate” button next to my book. It’s a long shot, but hey, why not?

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a brief sample of the book because, of course, you are a person of integrity and must fairly decide if you actually want to nominate me.

This is an excerpt told from the point-of-view of Mello, one of the three main characters. He is one of my favorite characters because he is pretty badass. And he looks like this.


Excerpt from SIRENS, Rising Tide

by T.L. Zalecki


He could see and feel nothing but blackness, as though he was floating in the universe. Dim lights twinkled like dying stars, but he could not tell if it was in his mind of if he was physically a part of the darkness that surrounded him.

“Pass … scaaaalpellll … no, the laaaarger one.”

“Excissssion of the … glaaaand …”

“—ectomy is compleeeete.”

“Yes … doctorrrrr.”

The words sounded garbled and elongated, like they were coming from underwater. No faces to match with the distorted voices. He could tell one was female, almost sultry. The other was male. A tinny clanking sound, like rusty chimes, was barely distinguishable in the background, and low beeps echoed in a syncopated rhythm.

He could not feel pain, but something told him it was there, penetrating him on some deeper level beneath the numbness. His body jiggled here and there in its limp state, and he could feel the pressure of hands prodding and pressing down on him, down inside him. His body was open, exposed. Dread was the only tangible element in his universe. He could see it in the blackness, contracting and expanding like a fourth dimension.

Who was he? What body was he floating away from right now? His identity had detached from himself when he entered the ether, escaped from his mind like a helium balloon. But he could feel it hovering close by. He knew who he was, if he could just … just … think.

Images of a girl undulated hazily in his mind. Someone close, but unknown. Someone lost and then found. Someone with silvery blond hair. Someone … dead. He had come for her. To this strange and cruel universe. He struggled to comprehend, but the confusion was unrelenting.

Garbled words again. Elevated voices. Loud beeps.

“Look at his … levels—”

“Shit, he’s … reinsert the … liver!”

“Doctor … losing him—”

“Cut the—!”

“Too much blood loss!”

“Close him up … Now, dammit!”

His body jerked and twitched as multiple hands shoved him, poked him, threaded him like a piece of cloth. He wanted to open his mouth and scream but nothing could come out. His body was too far away. Then he felt a relaxed sensation, the feeling of falling down, down, down … back to Earth?

The beeping inside the room became louder, blaring. His ears felt as though they’d burst. Then he felt the pain.

“He’s back!”

The voices were clear now.

“Great,” Said a man. His voice sounded far away, like he wasn’t present. “I want the subject ready for the testing phase by nightfall. Prepare the tank.”

The tank. The words sent a fresh wave of dread through his body. Then he remembered who he was.


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