Quick feedback for SIRENS?

Dear Reader Friends,

I have a case of writers block and I need your help! I have a full outline for SIRENS book three, but I cannot decide on the narrative point-of-view to use. The first two SIRENS books alternate between the POVs of Lorel, Mello and Jake. I feel like it’s a nice way to break up the reading experience and give the reader a wide perspective on the events taking place during the story. Some people prefer this style and some prefer to experience a story from only one character’s perspective for more intimacy.  If you have read SIRENS book one, Rising Tide, I would love your feedback in the form of this poll. And there are three more quick polls below it as well. Reader feedback here means a ton to me, so thank you in advance!


Lots of books are series nowadays, and lots of TV shows are as well. Both use cliffhangers a lot to carry the reader or viewer through to the next installment.

I have my personal favorite characters, but I love knowing who readers are connecting with.

And finally…

THANK YOU so much for voting!  If you have any qualitative thoughts or comments, please leave them in the comment section.




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