SIRENS Discounts, Giveaways & Guest Post!

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SIRENS is enjoying lots of features this month in celebration of Kindle Press discounting each ebook to $1.99. This week, check out my features on Canadian blogger, Pure Jonel’s book blog, Confessions of Bibliophile!

Guest post today: Finding Time & Inspiration to Write: My Top Ten Tips

Giveaway that ends March 25th:  Lost World by T.L. Zalecki – Giveaway

Win signed paperback copies of Rising Tide & Lost World!

Title:  Lost World
Series:  Sirens #2
Author:  T.L. Zalecki
Publication Date:  December 10/15
Length:  436pgs
Genre:  dystopian fantasy
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★★


Jonel’s Review of Lost World:

Wow! Just wow! If I thought I enjoyed the first book in this series, I was completely blown away with this one. The futuristic aspects really came to life in this exciting manner that really allowed me to picture the entire story. I loved the mix of biology and fantasy. It was even further developed than in the first novel of the series. Her descriptions blended with the enticing plot in a manner that was breathtaking in its realism and not only sparked my interest, but held it captive. The excitement and the intense undercurrent running throughout were absolutely unforgettable. They kept me hooked and had me on my toes.

I enjoyed getting to know the new characters in the series and absolutely loved getting back in touch with those from the first novel. Seeing the plot evolve through their eyes gave it a very unique feel. For me, it really increased the intensity of the tale. Also, the fact that I loved the characters, wanted to get to know them better and saw them as friends by the end of the novel made it even better for me.

Once again, this fantastic author has taken me on a wild adventure. She sparked my interest with the unique, biology & dystopian based plot and held it with the imaginative writing. I loved each and every moment of it.

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