Okay, I know, I know… its not in my budget to cast them in the movie, but I can dream big, right?

Lorelei Phoenix (“Lorel”)  Age 25

Researcher for Department of Oceanic Preservation; Marine Biologist, PhD

New Charleston, SC

Emily Van Camp or Emma Stone?

Emily-VanCamp        Emma_Stone_Deauville_2011

Lorel glared at them both. “Look, I am a scientist. I don’t believe in aliens. I don’t believe in ghosts. I don’t even believe in God, at least not the one PanDivinity pedals. And I definitely don’t believe in mermaids.”


Jake Ryder (AKA, “Fox Trot Xerox”), Age 25

U.S. Navy SEAL, Marine Biologist, PhD

New Charleston, SC

Ian Somerhalder or Colin O’Donoghue?

ian-somerhalder          colin o

“It’s called cognitive dissonance. People separate things in their mind to allow them to believe what they want to believe.”

Mello Seaford, Age 35

Siren, The supplier


Josh Holloway or Chris Hemsworth?

josh_holloway_lost.jpg       928473-chris-hemsworth

“We are all animals,” he had told them. “Make no mistake. We are no different than the dolphins swimming below or the monkeys that swing from the trees behind you. We have to survive. But, sirens and humans, we’re different. We can think. We can build. We can communicate through language. We can learn from each other. And that is how we are the same. Together, our two races can make the world a better place. And we all know: the humans are in need of a better world right now.”


4 responses to “Characters

  1. Mmmm… If you can find a way to work in Henry Cavill, that would be great. 🙂


    In the academic field, there are not many 25 years old PhD, unless these characters are like the nerds in The Big Bang Theory.

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